ISB(国際ベーシスト協会)会員。著書に、「ジャズ・ベース・ラインの作り方 」(中央アート出版)。
2015年、自身のユニットアルバム「倍音の森」をリリース。2019年5月、コントラバスソロアルバム「Self Portrait」をリリース。

Masao Tajima

In search for his own unique world of sound,
Masao Tajima actively collaborates with artists from various styles.
The breadth of his music, his humorous outlook, and his diversity in tone produced by pure gut strings are all characteristics that make Tajima a truly unique artist. Composition is a strong focus for Tajima, and his pieces evoke colors, scenery, and even a sense of smell. As well as his solo performances and ensembles and sessions that he leads, he also currently performs as a sideman for many projects. His collaborations include projects and performances with traditional Japanese musicians, visual artists, and dancers as well as working with actors, storytellers, and puppeteers, being involved in works with more dramatic and storytelling aspects.Tajima is a member of the ISB (International Society of Bassists) and has published a book on bass lines “How to Make Jazz Bass Lines” (Chuo Art Publishing). In 2015 he released his first release “Bai-on no Mori” (“Overtone Forest”),
of which the release tour was a huge success.